Sentez Grup

Founded in 1992 to meet the packaging demands of our parent company Selçuklu Holding, Sentez Grup Ambalaj has quickly exceeded expectations in the market. The growth of the business since the foundation of the company has been built on the company’s customer satisfaction oriented approach with the use of advanced technology, R&D, experienced staff and technical infrastructure; all of which have contributed to the success of the company. Sentez Grup, a company with 550 employees, technical knowledge and experience and which never stops producing and keeps growing as it produces within a constantly changing and developing packaging sector, is proud of what it has achieved so far. Sentez Grup, apart from being one of the largest packaging manufacturers of Europe, is also one of the strongest global players in its sector with its modern infrastructure, 55.000 m2 production area equipped with advanced technology and complete treatment and recycling areas. Sentez Grup, which has the largest production plant of Turkey, also has the capability of producing paper-cups and ice cream cones in addition to the offset, gravur and flexo packaging systems.

Our Mission;
In parallel with the development of our country, and by taking into account the increase in the amount of packaging per capita; whilst creating the corporate culture by social responsibility;

-To have a highly trained, competent workforce,  
-To provide products with high quality in accordance with customer expectations, 
-To contribute to the national income.  

Our Vision; 
-Embrace the philosophy of the Management of Total Quality, 
-Apply different production techniques in the packaging sector, 
-Ensure the customer and employee satisfaction, 
-Distinguish our quality and practice by offering various alternatives to customers, 
-To rank the first regarding the choices of customers with respect to cost and quality.  

Our Values
-Being customer-oriented, 
-Believing in team work, 
-Emphasizing work health, job safety and training,  
-Being a participatory, 
-Constantly improve ourselves, 
-Being trustworthy, 
-Being honest,  
-Protecting the environment,  
-Providing utility to the society,