In an incrasingly competitive environment due to globalization, Sentez Grup, which aims to meet the demands and needs of its customers without compromising the quality of production and service, also gives great importance to customer and employee satisfaction and offers trustworthy, different , unlimited services by following the latest technological developments and innovations.

Our policy of Quality and Food Safety Policy as Sentez Grup Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş;
On the path to the Management of Total Quality by embracing the mentality of “Quality is everyone’s responsibility”;   

- To believe in team work, 

- To be customer oriented

- To give importance to constant development, 

- To accomplish the job right at first time, 

- To produce at a low cost and to deliver on time without delay.

- To meet the legal and regulatory standards regarding food safety, 

- To ensure the understanding and implementation of the necessities of the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems by all employees,  

- To pay attention to Job Health&Safety, 

- To respect the environment during production and to ensure the recycling of the waste seperated at its source.